Interdiction Team

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office Interdiction Team began operations in January of 2016 and was developed to provide proactive patrols and Enforcement of high populated and high crime areas.  The team is a specially trained unit designed to interdict criminal activity related to theft, drugs and other forms of criminal activities occurring within our county. Members from our agency who are on the team work closely with the Traverse Narcotics Team, our community police officers and other local police agencies.  The Sheriff’s Office Interdiction Team will continue to provide the highest level of service to the residents and visitors of Grand Traverse County.

Definition of Interdiction From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :
Interdiction is a military term for the act of delaying, disrupting, or destroying enemy forces or supplies en route to the battle area.[1][2] A distinction is often made between strategic and tactical interdiction. The former refers to operations whose effects are broad and long-term; tactical operations are designed to affect events rapidly and in a localized area.