Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) means any process designed to resolve a legal dispute in the place of court adjudication. ADR includes:
  • Case evaluation under MCR 2.403
  • Domestic relations mediation under MCR 3.216
  • Mediation under MCR 2.411
  • Procedures provided by local court rule or ordered on stipulation of the parties; e.g. arbitration, summary jury trial
  • Settlement conferences ordered under MCR 2.401
All civil cases are subject to ADR processes unless otherwise provided by statute or court rule.


The Court relies upon mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process because mediation enables the Court to streamline its docket by enabling people to take advantage of this timely and affordable alternative to the litigation process. Through mediation, people are empowered to control the outcome of their disputes.