County Government

The Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners is the governing legislative body. The Board is responsible for establishing policy, passing laws, and overseeing all County government operations in accordance with State laws and has shared authority with other County elected officials in specific areas. Commissioners are elected to the Board on a partisan basis for concurrent 2-year terms.

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Mission Statement

The Grand Traverse County Team is committed to providing responsive, effective, quality service to our community.

Vision Statement

The Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners envisions a community that preserves the beautiful and healthy environment making Grand Traverse County a desirable community in which to live. A community where the safety of its community is of utmost concern and who focuses on the well-being of all its people.

The Board of Commissioners envisions a county government that collaborates with other units of government on common issues for the benefit of the community and its individuals. A county that encourages risk taking and innovation to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our services and to better serve our constituents. A county where all our customers have ready and easy access to all government services and that emphasizes fiscal responsibility in its planning for today and the future.